Owners of rented houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are required by the Housing Act 2004 to have them licensed by the Council.  An HMO requires a Mandatory Licence where it is occupied by five or more people forming more than one household; the Council has discretionary powers to require other HMOs to be licensed - see Additional Licensing, below.  The online application form can be found on the Licensing Process page; these pages also contain information on standards and legislation for HMOs.

Additional Licensing

From 4 May 2020, an Additional Licensing Designation has come into effect across the city, requiring HMOs with fewer than five persons and HMOs with no shared amenities to be licensed. We have added a new Additional licensing page with further information.

Landlord accreditation

Coventry City Council is now offering a free, voluntary accreditation scheme for landlords. Being accredited by us may entitle you to cheaper, longer lasting licences for your properties. Please visit our Landlord Accreditation pages for more information.

HMO licensing

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