Cancelling (revoking) your licence

Within Coventry, all privately rented properties occupied as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) require a licence. Under section 70 of the Housing Act 2004, a licence can be revoked either on agreement or on the Council’s own initiative.

Revocation on the Council’s initiative

The licence can be revoked for the following reasons:

  • where the authority consider that the licence holder or any other person involved in management of the property has committed a serious breach of a condition of the licence or repeated breaches of such a condition;
  • where the authority consider that the licence holder or a manager is not a fit and proper person (more information about necessary standards to be met to be considered as “Fit and Proper Person”)
  • where the authority consider that the HMO is not suitable for the number of households or persons specified in the licence 

In this scenario, the Council will serve you a Notice of Intend to Revoke the licence, providing reasons of the intent. You will have an opportunity to make any representations, which we will consider.

Revocation on agreement

HMO licences are not transferable, therefore if an HMO has been sold, a licence holder has changed or if it is no longer classed as an HMO, the licence must be revoked.  

A revocation made with the agreement of the licence holder takes effect at the time when it is made. The Council can revoke or refuse to revoke the licence and the licence holder will be informed about Council’s decision in writing.

Apply for licence revocation