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Sons and Daughters - Celebration Day

Sons and daughters

We know that the decision to become a foster carer involves the whole family. Sons and daughters have to share their parents, their home and their toys with children coming into the home, as well as sometimes cope with children displaying some difficult and challenging behaviour. Despite these challenges, many sons and daughters of foster carers say that being part of a foster family has had a positive impact on them, and helped them to understand others better and to have more empathy with people in different situations.
As a fostering service, we recognise the vital role sons and daughters of foster carers can play in the success of fostering placements and each year The Fostering Network has identified a week to celebrate the sons and daughters of foster carers to thank them for being part of the wider network that help and support our looked after children and help them to feel a part of a caring family.
As a fostering service we host a celebration day for foster carers birth children, aged mainly between the ages of 5 -15. The day is mainly focussed about the children and young people enjoying activities, interacting together and making new friendships. We have lunch and each child and young person coming along will receive a certificate and a small goody bag as a small token of our appreciation.
We also welcome all of our fostering community to our support groups and to our social events that we run throughout the year. Every person involved in fostering plays a crucial part in keeping Coventry children in safe and positive holes and communities.

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