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Travel DeCourcey - update for 2020/21

Following the announcement on 24 August 2020 that Travel DeCourcey has gone into administration we have reviewed all applications for Travel DeCourcey passes.

We are buying N-bus passes which can be used on National Express and a range of other bus operator services within Coventry.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to obtain your pass using the swift card online system which is detailed below. 

West Midlands Travel (National Express) – update for 2020/21

Please note for the academic year 2020/21 National Express has switched to a Swift card online system.

This will improve the service you get in the following ways:

  • Term plus passes can be used to travel to and from school but also during evenings and weekends
  • Passes will now be sent direct to your home address rather than being collected from your child’s school
  • If students lose their pass replacement Swift cards are available for £5 and can be sent within 7 days

If you have any difficulties using the code which you receive to make an application for your swift card or you have any concerns about the location of their child’s pass once you have made the application please call 0121 2547272 option 1 or via the ‘contact us’ section.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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Coventry City Council will provide free travel passes to pupils who meet the criteria set out in the Coventry Travel assistance policy.

Parents/carers are responsible in law, for ensuring that their children attend school regularly.

If a parent/carer exercises their right to choose a school other than the nearest suitable school, the Council does not have a duty to provide travel assistance. In these circumstances parents/carers will be required to make their own travel arrangements.

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