Coventry Homefinder – re-registration

What do I need to do?

Everyone who is currently registered on Coventry Homefinder will receive a message describing what you must do to re-register. This will be done by message on your Homefinder account and by letter to the address we hold for you on your Homefinder account.

Please make sure your contact details are up to date

If you want to stay on the Homefinder register, you must complete the re-registration form by 6 September 2021.

Applications will be processed in date order, so please complete your re-registration as soon as you are able to as this will increase the chance of your application being live by the launch date.

The exception to this is applicants who have a current homelessness application and who are owed the prevention, relief or main duties (statutory homeless). These households will be automatically transferred onto the new system.

There is only one form to re-register, you do not need to apply for priority separately.

How to re-register

You need to apply to join the new register online as soon as possible using your current Homefinder reference.

It will take around 30 minutes to complete the form, please take some time to gather the information you will need to provide us with.

You will need your national insurance number and a list of your addresses over the last 5 years to proceed.

In addition, if you have a reason to move that includes financial reasons you will need to gather information about your income & spending.

Likewise, if you have medical reasons for needing to move you may need details of your medications and treatment.

Before you start it might be worth having this information to hand as you will need to send this information to us before your application can be processed.

Re-register for Homefinder now

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