Responsibilities of the landlord

Vetting tenants for your property

Coventry Council finds suitable tenants for available properties. We perform checks on housing history, immigration status, rent arrears and affordability before matching a tenant to a property.

The tenants that we match are currently homeless or at risk of homelessness. Most customers are in receipt of Universal Credit or Housing Benefit, which pay their rent either in full, or partly. Some tenants are employed or in education, so may not receive full benefits. These customers will pay the remaining amount of rent to the landlord directly each month. All bills and Council tax are the responsibility of the tenant.

Support for landlords

If any issues arise after a tenant has moved in, the council provides advice and assistance for landlords. Any rent or tenant queries can be directed to an Accommodation Officer on the Let’s Rent Scheme, who will be happy to help. Any concerns around anti-social behaviour or other criminal issues, must be directed to the police and not the council.

Assistance with HMO properties

In HMO properties, compatible tenants are placed together in order to support a cohesive tenancy and living environment. These tenants may also have support workers to assist their move to a private tenancy. If there are any issues during the tenancy, the support workers and council are here to assist the landlord.

Property viewings

We arrange face-to-face viewings with the landlord and tenant, giving them a chance to meet. If landlords are not local, they can send a representative or employ a letting agency on their behalf. 

Responsibilities of the landlord

The management of the property is the sole responsibility of the landlord or their letting agent. This includes any repairs, damages or property maintenance. Wear and tear is not considered to be damage, so would not be covered. 

If any damage is caused by the tenant, we offer a ‘paper deposit’ to landlords worth five weeks’ rent. A paper deposit means the deposit will be paid at the end of the tenancy if damage has been accrued by the tenant. This is subject to evidence.

We offer a free initial inspection, however all subsequent inspections are the responsibility of the landlord. It may be worth considering completing inspections every quarter.

Let's Rent Coventry

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