Find out how to use your mobility credits to pay for transport services

How can I use my mobility credits?

  • If you take part in the scheme, you will receive £3,000 in mobility credits in exchange to your car
  • The mobility credits will be available for you to use them within a two-year period
  • The credits are issued on a prepaid debit card that will only be usable on transport services
  • You can use the card to pay for journeys (for you and your household) like you would using any other card
  • You can also buy cycling assets (bikes, e-bikes and relevant accessories) with your mobility credits from one of our selected suppliers

Can I pay for the travel of other members of my household?

You can use your credits to pay for your own travel and the travel of others in your household (people who live with you)

What transport services can I pay for with my mobility credits?

  • You can spend the credits on bus, train, tram, car hire, car club, bikeshare, taxi and e-scooter in the West Midlands (and more transport services when these become available)
  • You can use the credits to travel to other cities outside the West Midlands (e.g. London, Manchester), e.g. by train*

*Please note that we cannot guarantee that the mobility credits will work for all transport services in places outside the West Midlands

To use buses or trams

Use your mobility credits on any bus or tram in the West Midlands. Simply use the card that is loaded with your credits to pay in the vehicle, and the fare will be deducted from your mobility credits balance. You can also use your mobility credits to buy or top up your Swift Card.

To use trains

Use your mobility credits card to buy train tickets at a rail station ticket machine or ticket office, or use a mobile app like West Midlands Railway.

To hire a bike

Hire a bike from West Midlands Cycle Hire which have over 20 docking stations across Coventry city centre. Download the cycle hire app and use your mobility credits card to pay for your bike journeys.

To use the new West Midlands on-demand

West Midlands On-demand is a new type of bus service available in Coventry and the University of Warwick. It does not follow a specific route. You can book a journey without needing to use a specific bus number or stop.

To hire a vehicle

Hire a vehicle from your local Enterprise branch or reserve an on-street Enterprise Car Club vehicle.

To hire an e-scooter

You can use your mobility credits card to pay for journeys by shared Voi e-scooters in areas of Coventry.

To use a taxi

Use your mobility credits to pay for taxis and private hire vehicles (either using smartphone applications or hailing a black cab in the street)

Mobility Credits

Contact Transport for West Midlands. Open 8am-6pm Monday to Friday (except Wednesday 10am-6pm) Saturday 9am-1pm.

Telephone: 0345 303 6760