Mobility Credits

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We are working with Transport for West Midlands on a 'Mobility Credits' trial. In a national first, Coventry residents with an older, polluting car can exchange their vehicle for mobility credits. The credits can be spent on public transport, as well as new transport modes such as car clubs, bikeshare or new bus services. Anyone taking part in the trial will be able to access their credits through a mobile app, which allows them to plan, book and pay for journeys using mobility credits.

The trial is part of the West Midlands Future Transport Zone, a £22m programme which aims to investigate how new technologies can be used to support people moving around the West Midlands in a more sustainable way - reducing congestion, improving air quality and tackling climate change.

We're now looking for a small, trailblazing group of people to join us in this exciting venture, sharing their thoughts over the next two years.

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Will I be eligible for the trial?

To be eligible you need to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. You need to be a resident of one of the following Coventry Wards:
    • Earlsdon
    • Foleshill
    • Holbrook
    • Radford
    • Sherbourne
    • St Michael’s
    • Upper Stoke
    • Whoberley

At this stage, the pilot scheme is limited to specific areas of Coventry. Air quality concerns in the city are specific to certain areas, and we want to improve air quality in those places first. We also want to make sure that participants in the scheme have access to the best possible transport options. If you are not sure which ward you live in, you can also check this using our online checker.

  1. Your car must be:
    • a diesel car that is not Euro 6 compliant (most of these were manufactured before 2016), or
    • a petrol car that is not Euro 4 compliant (most of these were manufactured before 2006)

We are looking to take vehicles which pollute the most off Coventry roads. This is the same criteria that will be used to decide whether you are required to pay a charge if you take your vehicle into a Clean Air Zone, such as the one that will shortly be launched in Birmingham. You can check whether your vehicle will qualify by using the Government’s online Clean Air Zone checker. If you would have to pay a charge to take your vehicle into a Clean Air Zone, it qualifies for the mobility credits pilot scheme.

  1. Your car must have been registered in your name since 1st April 2020 or earlier
  2. Your car must have a current valid MOT certificate

How much could I get for scrapping my vehicle?

Participants will receive £3,000 in mobility credits.

How can I use my mobility credits?

  • The credits will be available for you to use them within a two-year period
  • You can spend the credits on bus, train, tram, car hire, car club, bikeshare, taxi and e-scooter in the West Midlands (and more transport services when these become available)
  • You can use the credits to travel to other cities outside the West Midlands (e.g. London, Manchester), e.g. by train*
  • The credits are issued on a prepaid card that will only be usable on transport services

*Please note that we cannot guarantee that the mobility credits will work for all transport services outside the West Midlands

Why are mobility credits being trialled?

Although air quality in Coventry has improved a lot in recent decades, it still exceeds the National Objective for Nitrogen Dioxide levels at several locations. Poor air quality has adverse effects on the health of people living and working in Coventry. Changing from driving to using more sustainable transport, including walking and cycling, will reduce carbon emissions from transport, helping tackle climate change. It can also reduce congestion on roads, providing a cost-effective and convenient way to get around.

Mobility Credits

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