Standard conditions of use dispensation (waiver) permits

  1. This permit remains the property of Coventry City Council. The Council reserves the right to withdraw it when not used in accordance with these Standard Conditions of Use. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to be conversant with the Standard Conditions of Use and comply with them.  
  2. Failure to comply with these conditions may lead to the immediate withdrawal of the permit.
  3. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk and Coventry City Council is not liable for any loss or damage to any vehicle or property.
  4. The permit is not transferrable. It is issued solely for use by the vehicle shown overleaf. Use in any other vehicle may result in the vehicle being issued with a penalty charge notice and the permit withdrawn.
  5. Vehicles must not be parked, either wholly or in part on the footway or where they are deemed to be causing an obstruction or a hazard to other road users including pedestrians.
  6. Materials or goods must not be deposited on the footway or carriageway (except to the immediate rear of the vehicle), nor shall the vehicle pass across the footway.
  7. The permit can only be used at the location(s) stipulated overleaf and within the date period shown.
  8. The permit must not be used in Council car parks. It does not entitle the user to free parking in Council off street car parks.
  9. The permit is valid only for the purposes shown overleaf during the times and dates shown.
  10. Incorrectly parked vehicles or vehicles that are deemed not to be compliant with the conditions of use are liable to be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.
  11. Coventry City Council reserves the right to revoke any permit(s) issued to holders found defacing, copying or reproducing the permit in any way.
  12. The driver must move the vehicle if so directed by a Police Officer, Civil Enforcement Officer (Parking), or an authorised Officer of Coventry City Council.
  13. Dispensation will be revoked if the holder is abusive to Officers.
  14. Permit applications should be made via Coventry City Council website: Parking waiver dispensation permit
  15. Displaying the permit is deemed to be acceptance of these Standard Conditions of Issue

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