This page provides an overview of urban design and heritage policy as established through the Local Plan and supporting documents. All design, conservation and heritage policy are underpinned by the Local Plan chapters:

These must be read in conjunction with all the other Local Plan Policies and not independently. Further useful information relating to urban design, conservation areas, historic environment and transport specifically has been drawn together for your convenience below, again it is important to note that other guidance may be relevant depending on the type and location of development proposed.

Relevant supplementary planning documents

Below is a list of SPDs that are mainly relevant to urban design, heritage and conservation. Nevertheless, other aspects of development affecting these matters may be covered in other subject areas. Furthermore, the location of development may necessitate the consideration of spatially specific documents. We recommend that you consult the full list of SPDs for any nature of work you may be undertaking. Some of design related SPDs have been listed below;

List of supporting documents

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