School admissions


COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

During the national lockdown, parents are advised that their children should continue to access education online from their current school. Schools are due to reopen fully from 8 March 2021. For those who have made an application before 24 February we will be processing applications and making offers of places by 8 March.  

For any new applications or if you require an urgent temporary school placement for a vulnerable or critical worker child then please complete the relevant application form:

Please note: Due to the current COVID-19 situation all members of the School Admissions team are currently working remotely.

Junior school admissions

How to apply to a Junior school in Coventry.

Primary school admissions

How to apply to a primary school in Coventry.

Secondary school admissions

How to apply for a secondary school in Coventry.

14 - 19 school applications

Other pathways for education starting in Year 10 that are available in Coventry or in neighbouring local authority areas.

Late school applications

How to make a late school application.

Catchment areas

Find out which streets are within the catchment areas of a specific school in Coventry. 

Allocation of primary school places

How primary school places were allocated for 2020 and how to appeal.

Allocation of secondary school places

How secondary school places were allocated for 2021 and how to appeal.

School travel passes

Find out about travel passes. 

School performance

Find out about the performance of a particular school.

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