In-year transfers/new arrivals

In-year transfers

When a child enters primary school or transfers at 11 to secondary school, it is normally expected that they will continue at their school throughout their school career. We recognise however, that there may be specific limited circumstances where a parent or guardian considers a transfer request to be appropriate. As a parent, please think carefully before making an in year transfer request. A change of school may not be the solution and if undertaken hastily may worsen the situation. There is clear evidence that the attainment levels of children who move schools are significantly lower than those who remain at the same school throughout their primary education. If you wish your child to transfer schools within Coventry please contact the school your child currently attends to discuss your request with them. This will give an opportunity to resolve any difficulties with the school. Parents considering a transfer should also take into account that if you choose to move your child transport assistance will not be available.

How to apply

All primary schools in Coventry except All Souls Catholic Primary School and St Mary’s & St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School are part of the Coventry co-ordinated admissions scheme. This however, does not include Independent fee-paying schools (please contact these schools direct) and Special Educational Needs Schools which are for children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (details of how to apply)

For anyone making an application, please view the individual schools' admissions policies. This will show you how each school will prioritise your application. Schools will often give applications for those living in the catchment area, or who have a sibling at the school a higher priority, and the details are available in the school policy or the primary admissions booklet.

Applying for a Coventry school (except All Souls and St Mary and St Benedict Primaries)

Please complete the primary in-year application form.

If you are currently living overseas, and are intending to move to Coventry, or have recently moved to Coventry from overseas, and require a primary school place, please contact Access to Education officers on 024 7697 8944 or email for support and advice making your application.

Applicants for Leigh C of E Primary School and Seva School may also need to complete a supplementary information form to enable school governors to fully consider their application against faith-based oversubscription criteria. The supplementary forms can either be obtained directly from the schools or by following the links below. 

Please return completed supplementary forms directly to the school.

How decisions are made

All applications received between the dates shown in the table below will be assessed and decisions will be sent out via letter/email as listed. Please note that admissions decisions are made during term time only.

Application dates
Round Opening date Closing date  Decision emails
16 Wednesday 14 December 2022 Tuesday 3 January 2023 Thursday 12 January 2023
17 Wednesday 4 January 2023 Tuesday 10 January 2023 Thursday 19 January 2023
18 Wednesday 11 January 2023 Tuesday 17 January 2023 Thursday 26 January 2023
19 Wednesday 18 January 2023 Tuesday 24 January 2023 Thursday 2 February 2023
20 Wednesday 25 January 2023 Tuesday 31 January 2023 Thursday 9 February 2023
21 Wednesday 1 February 2023 Tuesday 7 February 2023 Thursday 16 February 2023
22 Wednesday 08 February 2023 Tuesday 14 February 2023 Thursday 2 March 2023

Half term 20 February 2023 - 24 February 2023

Application dates
Round Opening date Closing date  Decision emails
23 Wednesday 15 February 2023 Tuesday 28 February 2023 Thursday 9 March 2023
24 Wednesday 1 March 2023 Tuesday 7 March 2023 Thursday 16 March 2023
25 Wednesday 8 March 2023 Tuesday 14 March 2023 Thursday 23 March 2023
26 Wednesday 15 March 2023 Tuesday 21 March 2023 Thursday 30 March 2023
27 Wednesday 22 March 2023 Tuesday 28 March 2023 Thursday 20 April 2023
28 Wednesday 29 March 2023 Tuesday 18 April 2023 Thursday 27 April 2023

Easter holidays 3 April 2023 - 14 April 2023

Application dates
Round Opening date Closing date  Decision emails
29 Wednesday 19 April 2023 Tuesday 25 April 2023 Thursday 4 May 2023
30 Wednesday 26 April 2023 Tuesday 2 May 2023 Thursday 11 May 2023
31 Wednesday 3 May 2023 Tuesday 9 May 2023 Thursday 18 May 2023
32 Wednesday 10 May 2023 Tuesday 16 May 2023 Thursday 25 May 2023
33 Wednesday 17 May 2023 Tuesday 23 May 2023 Thursday 8 June 2023

Half term 29 May 2023 - 2 June 2023

Application dates
Round Opening date Closing date  Decision emails
34 Wednesday 24 May 2023 Tuesday 6 June 2023 Thursday 15 June 2023
35 Wednesday 7 June 2023 Tuesday 13 June 2023 Thursday 22 June 2023
36 Wednesday 14 June 2023 Tuesday 20 June 2023 Thursday 29 June 2023
37 Wednesday 21 June 2023 Tuesday 27 June 2023 Thursday 6 July 2023
38 Wednesday 28 June 2023 Tuesday 4 July 2023 Thursday 13 July 2023
39 Wednesday 5 July 2023 Tuesday 11 July 2023 Thursday 20 July 2023

Where an application is unsuccessful letters/emails will set out the reason for refusal and information about the right to appeal. Your child will be placed on the waiting list for the school requested and you will have the right to appeal to an independent appeals panel. For information on a school's waiting list and appeal process, please view the school's admissions policies.

Further general information about the appeals process.

Please note: If we are unable to offer you any of the schools you requested and your child does not have a school place you will be asked to contact the School Admissions Team to discuss alternative schools with places available within 10 school days of receipt of your letter/email. The local authority legally must make sure that your child is offered a school place, and will allocate a place at the nearest school with a space available.  

Applying for All Souls Catholic Primary and St Mary & St Benedict’s Catholic Primary Schools

If you wish to apply for in-year admission at either All Souls Primary and St Mary & St Benedict’s Primary Schools, you should contact the school directly (details below) for admission or apply for these and other schools on the online application form and we will pass your request to the listed schools.

All Souls R.C Primary

Linsey Rae, School Business Manager
T: 024 7667 5836
A: Abercorn Road, Coventry, CV5 8ED

St Mary and St Benedict R.C. Primary School

Julie Anderton, Clerical Officer
T: 024 7622 9486
A: Leigh Street, Hillfields, Coventry, CV1 5HG

Whatever year group your child is in, it’s important that if you are considering moving schools, you need to make sure that the school you choose is the right one for your child. The best way to find this out is to visit the school you are interested in - speak to the headteacher (with an appointment) if you can.

Further information about each school can be found on the school contact pages.

Application for places outside the normal age group

Where a parent/carer seeks a place for their child outside their normal age group, they must state which year group they are requesting and why they want this year group on the application form. Parents/carers will then be contacted to discuss the matter further as requests will be considered on the circumstances of each case and in the child’s best interests. Each school governing body will need to make an individual decision. There are no guarantees that such applications will be agreed. However, where the application is not agreed a letter setting out the decision and reasons for it will be provided along with any rights to appeal.

Further information for parents and schools to consider in dealing with applications outside the normal age group.

Fair Access Protocol

The Coventry Fair Access Protocol ensures that, outside the normal admissions round, unplaced children are offered a place at a suitable school as quickly as possible. This protocol does not apply to Looked After Children or pupils who have an Education, Health and Care Plan. The protocol also seeks to ensure that no school - including those with available places - is asked to take a disproportionate number of children who have been excluded from other schools, or who have challenging behaviour.

Further details of the protocol are available from the Inclusion and Attendance team.


If you decide to move your child, the Local Authority will not provide free transport even if you live outside the travel limits for the school (two miles for key stage 1 and three miles for key stage 2). Remember the journey to a new school may involve additional buses, extra costs and travelling time.

Admissions team - Primary

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am – 5pm, Friday: 8.30am - 4.30pm Telephone line available until 3.30pm.

Telephone: 024 7697 5445