Why is it good to be bi-lingual?

Advantages of being bi-lingual:

  • Twice the enjoyment of reading, able to enjoy books from both countries, and understanding the different traditions.
  • Access to two cultures, folk stories, history and music etc.
  • A greater tolerance of different cultures.
  • Better at IQ tests, school curriculum and other tests.
  • Able to think more flexibly e.g. words in different languages may have different meanings.
  • Being more sensitive to the needs of listeners as they have to know what language to use with which people in which situation.
  • Having a head start in reading as less fixed on word sound and more centred on word meaning.
  • Raises self esteem.
  • Strong sense of identity.  Language is a strong link between people, giving them a sense of belonging.
  • Easier to learn further languages.
  • Wider choice of jobs e.g. tourism and translation.