My 3 year old doesn't listen. When I ask her to do something she ignores me

Background noise can make it difficult for young children to "tune in" to language, so turn the television and radio off when no one is listening.

Follow the following tips to encourage good listening skills

  • Get her attention before you speak by saying her name and making eye contact
  • Use short sentences and give just one instruction at a time
  • Encourage her when she does listen with comments like 'good listening'
  • Listen for sounds together when you are out and about or in different rooms in the house
  • Play games that focus on listening such as Sound Lotto or 'I hear with my little ear something that sounds like...'.
  • Give her your full attention when she talks to you
  • If you continue to be concerned ask your health visitor or doctor to test her hearing as she may have glue ear. which can dull sounds. This is a very common condition especially in winter or after a spell of coughs and colds.