No one outside the family can understand my child's speech

Children's speech becomes clearer the more they practice and the more they are talked to, so try to make time to talk every day. For children under two, it is better if you simply model sentences correctly and encourage your child to listen rather than trying to make him say words properly.

Use these simple tips to help develop clearer speech

  • Give him plenty of time to say what he wants to say and give him your full attention.
  • Let him know that you understand him by repeating back what he says and modelling the correct way of saying it
  • Help his listening by getting his attention before you speak, you can do this by using your child's name before asking them to complete an action e.g. 'Ben, it's time to put your coat on' 
  • Read stories and sing songs and rhymes that draw his attention to listening to sounds.
  • Try not to keep asking him to repeat what he has said as he won't understand.
  • Try not to copy his speech or laugh at him, or allow other family members to tease him.