Coventry has a zero-tolerance policy toward people who drop litter, which includes litter thrown from vehicles. We have a team of officers who carry out regular patrols, issuing fixed penalty fines of £100 to offenders.

Our aim is to reduce litter through enforcement and education.

Support for community litter pickers

If you are a member of a residents’ / community group or a school and want to arrange a clean-up in your area we can:

  • Provide litter pickers and bags
  • Arrange collection of the bags
  • Provide talks

To arrange this please contact the Streetscene and Green Spaces team, telephone 08085 834333 or email


It is an offence to drop litter and walk away. This also includes littering from a vehicle.

The offence is a criminal offence that, upon conviction, carries a fine of up to £2500. Officers can give out fixed penalty tickets, currently £100, with a reduction for fast payment to £50.

The fixed penalty must be paid within 20 days (14 days to obtain the reduced rate). Failure to pay the fine in time will lead to prosecution, which means people will have a criminal record as well as a fine.

How to pay a fixed penalty for littering

Payments can be made using our secure online payment facility 24 hours a day; 7 days a week, with a credit or debit card.

How to report littering

Report incidents of littering

If you see litter being thrown from a vehicle and are prepared to make a formal witness statement we may be able to take action against the offender.

The information we need is:

  • Vehicle registration, make, colour
  • Type of litter
  • Who dropped the litter - was it the driver, front or rear passenger, description of the offender
  • Location, date and time of incident

Customer Services

Open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). If you do need to call us, please try to avoid our busiest times of lunchtime and early afternoon. Many queries relating to Council Tax, benefits or bin and bulky waste collections can be dealt with directly by logging into My Account.

Telephone: 08085 834333