Bird feeding

We would always encourage people to feed the birds, especially during the colder months of the year when natural food sources are scarce. However, where possible please feed them in your own garden, using the correct feed and in moderation, as excessive feeding will attract rats.

There are specific areas of the city where we do not permit people to feed the birds. Please look out for signs stating that bird feeding is forbidden. People caught feeding birds in these areas will receive fixed penalty notices for littering.

The areas that currently have 'No feeding the birds' signs are:

  1. City centre including:
    • Bull Yard
    • Shelton Square
    • Market Way
    • Smithford Way
    • The Precinct
    • Broadgate Square
    • Holy Trinity Church and the surrounding area
    • Berry Street opposite St Mary and Benedict’s School.
  2. Quinton Pool
  3. Riley Square
  4. Pocket Park Hill Street
  5. Hillfields Square
  6. Edgewick Park- Foleshill Road
  7. Station street west pocket park - Station West Park
  8. Silverton Road/Crabmill Lane
  9. Cash's Park
  10. Longford Park
  11. Priors Harnall
  12. Cawthorne Close
  13. Hartlepool Road

Where we encounter excessive bird feeding in other public spaces, where warning signs are not in place, we will ask people to stop. Anyone who continues or returns later will be issued with a fixed penalty notice for littering.

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