Water management and flooding


Flood warnings

The Environment Agency provides flood warnings online 24 hours a day

Flooding advice

Floods can happen anywhere at anytime.

Lead Local Flood Authority

After the floods of 2007 the government commissioned a review.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

We have a legal duty to develop, maintain, apply and monitor a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy. See update following publication of new National Strategy in 2020.

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

An exercise to identify areas where there is significant flood risk.

Surface Water Management Plan

The Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) sets out the long term plan for reducing the risk of surface water flooding throughout the city. See update following publication of new National Strategy in 2020.


Find out about our sandbag policy.

Ordinary watercourses

How to apply for consent for works.

Pre-application planning advice

Flood risk management and drainage standing advice for developers.

Allesley and Upper Eastern Green Flood Risk Management

A Natural Flood Management project in the Upper Sherbourne River (upstream from Allesley).

Consultation for the Draft Flood Risk Management Plans and River Basin Management Plans

Find out more about the Coventry Flood Risk Area and Public Consultation.

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