The Learner Support Fund (LSF) is a limited sum of money from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), to help some learners join, and stay on, adult education courses.

What can I apply to the Learner Support Fund for?

This year we are able to provide support for:

  • tuition fees
  • exam/accreditation fees
  • travel

Who can apply for the Learner Support Fund?

You can apply if you are aged 19 or over and attending an accredited course with the Adult Education Service

and one of the following categories applies to you:

  • you have a disability, are in receipt of disability related benefit or in receipt of an Aspen Card and need help with the costs of travel to your course
  • your family's gross taxable income is below £22,600 and you need help with the cost of fees

You will have to show your tutor evidence of your income and your spouse/partner's income.

Will you pay all of my tuition and exam fees?

  • Yes, if your household income is below £22,600 all course and exam fees will be paid by the learner support fund
  • If you do have to pay course fees and they are over £100, you may do so by direct debit.

I need a taxi to get to the course, can the fund help?

Due to the high demand on the fund we can only provide support with travel costs to learners who:

  • live in the city of Coventry
  • are registered disabled, and are receiving disability related benefit or in receipt of an Aspen Card who have been placed in accommodation over a mile away from the venue that they wish to attend will be supported with bus fare through the Learner Support Fund.  You will be asked to provide proof of this when you apply.

It will be your responsibility to arrange the taxis.

We will be able to pay you a contribution towards your taxi costs. We are no longer able to support you with 100% of the taxi costs. Please send in your taxi receipts and we will process a payment to you. All taxi receipts will be checked with the taxi firm to ensure the amount claimed is reasonable.

Can I get a refund for the cost of my petrol to the centre?

No, there is no refund for petrol costs.

I am attending a course run by a college or other training provider can I apply to the Learner Support Fund?

No, you will need to contact the college's Student Services department for advice about what funding is available to support learners.

More information on other forms of funding for adult learners.

I need someone to look after my child while I attend the course.  Can the fund help?

Staff at the centre where you are studying will tell you about their creche facilities. Where available these creche places will be free while you attend your class subject to a £5 registration fee. The Learner Support Fund does not help with the cost of private childcare.

How will I receive the Learner Support Fund?

Payments for travel will be paid electronically to your bank/building society account, as per the details provided on your application form. Tuition and exam/accreditation fees will be paid directly to the Adult Education Service on your behalf, unless you provide proof that you have paid them yourself.

An application form for the fund will be available from your tutor or course organiser who will be happy to help you complete the form.

Please apply as soon as possible as the fund is limited. The Council cannot provide extra money once the fund has been used up.