Completing an application on behalf of a customer

If you are a support worker or a third party completing the application form on behalf of a customer, the customer must be present throughout this process and must be aware you are applying for a Community Support Grant on their behalf. 

The Support worker or third party must complete the “Who is applying” and “Third Party Declaration” page.

Authority to Discuss

On the application form under the "Who is applying" page it will ask a question if the customer gives Authority to the Support worker or Third party to discuss their application on the customer's behalf. 

They must confirm from the customer that Authority to Discuss has been given to allow them to discuss the application on their behalf. If we receive any form of contact from a support worker or third party, we will review the application form to ensure the customer's consent has been given. During the application process if the support worker or third party has provided an email address we will provide copies of the further information requests and outcome letters to ensure they can support the customer. 

Authority to Act

In relation to the Authority to Act, we must have written confirmation that states the customer has given their authority for the Support worker or Third party to act on their behalf relating to the Community Support Grant Application. This must be signed and dated by the customer and can be uploaded onto the form, provided by email to the or by post. Please refer to the supporting evidence page & How can I submit evidence for more details on how to submit information