Claiming Universal Credit in Coventry

Universal Credit full servicehas been rolled out to all areas in Coventry covered by the Coventry Jobcentre plus office since 11 July 2018  .

‘Full service’ Universal Credit fully replaces the ‘legacy benefits’. It means that you cannot make a new claim for any of those six ‘legacy benefits’. You would instead need to claim for Universal Credit.

Once you have made a claim for Universal Credit you cannot return to the 'legacy benefits.'

What does this mean for me?

  • If you need to make a new claim for one of the ‘legacy benefits' you will have to claim Universal Credit.
  • If you are receiving one or more of the ‘legacy benefits' you may need to claim Universal Credit when you have certain changes in your circumstances. The following are examples of a change which could trigger a claim for Universal Credit:
    • Becoming responsible for a child for the first time
    • Moving from out of work to in work
    • Moving from in work to out of work
    • Moving from out of work to sick
    • Moving from sick to out of work
    • Moving from sick to in work
    • Moving from in work to sick
    • Lone parent receiving Income Support and youngest child reaches age 5
    • Claiming Housing Benefit and move into a UC Full Service area
    • Becoming liable to pay rent for the first time
  • When you make a claim for Universal Credit, any of the ‘legacy benefits’ you are already receiving will stop. You will receive all of your benefit entitlement as part of your Universal Credit award.
  • Universal Credit is usually claimed online. If you need help when making your claim call the Jobcentre helpline on 0800 328 5644 – which is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.
  • You can get help to claim Universal Credit online. See Help with making your claim online and managing your money for more information. 

It is expected that at some stage before 2023, those who are still receiving a 'legacy benefit' will be moved across to Universal Credit.