The full Council Tax bill is based on having two adults living in a property. The bill is not increased if there are more than two adults living there, but can be reduced if there is only one.

If only one adult lives in a property, the bill is reduced by 25 per cent. Please complete the single person occupier discount application form to claim.

When looking at the number of adults living in a property, certain people are not counted (disregarded). If people in a property are disregarded, a 25 per cent or even a 50 per cent discount can be granted even if more than one person lives there. 

Change of circumstances

If you need to tell us that your circumstances have changed and that you are no longer eligible to receive a discount you should:

Cancel a discount or exemption

You will need your Council Tax account number which can be found at the top of your Council Tax bill.

We are currently reviewing entitlement to single person discount. This review is being undertaken by Capita Local Public Services on our behalf. Access the online review form.