Training opportunities

How to apply or enquire:

Please feel free to drop into the Job Shop and talk to our experienced Employment Coaches or refer details directly. 

Training opportunities at the Job Shop 

Shaw Trust - information session

Wednesday 21 August - 10:30am until 12noon

Carve out the future in the world of work with Working Health Care and Working Health Pioneer Programmes.

We will help you find employment that aligns with your skills and interests and provide you with the support you need to succeed.

Eligibility criteria applies:

  • Are you aged 18+, unemployed and actively looking for a job?
  • Do you have access to public funding (access to benefits such as Universal Credit)
  • Do you have a disability or are you in the following categories?
  • Ex-offender
  • Offender (someone who is serving a community sentence)
  • Carer
  • Ex-carer
  • Homeless person
  • Ex-HM Armed Forces personnel participant
  • HM Armed Forces reservist participant
  • Partner of current or former Armed Forces personnel
  • Person for whom a drug/alcohol dependency (including a history of) presents a significant barrier to employment
  • Care leaver
  • Refugee
  • Young people identified as being involved or at risk of being involved in gangs or serious violence
  • Victim of domestic violence
  • Afghan Re-settlers
  • Ukrainian Evacuees

The Job Shop

Monday to Friday, 9.30am (Thursdays 10.30am) to 4.30pm.

Address: West Orchards Way

Telephone: 024 7678 5740