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How to apply or enquire:

Please feel free to drop into the Job Shop and talk to our experienced Employment Coaches or refer details directly. 

NCS: CV Workshop

1 August - 10am until 12noon - Every 2 weeks
Update your CV and get tailored support for specific Jobs/Sectors.
*This is not a "create a CV from scratch" workshop and participants are expected to have a CV already made before the session.*
Ideal for customers who are comfortable with IT and have good communication to cope with group sessions. Those that need additional support should be booked into a 1-1 session with NCS.

NCS: Interview Workshop

24 July - 10am until 12noon - Every 2 weeks
If you are ready for the Job Market and need some advice and support with interviews, come along to this workshop.

NCS: Finding a Job in Warehouse / Logistics

29 July - 10am - 12noon

  • Warehousing is part of the logistics sector which offers many job and career opportunities to people from a wide range of educational levels.
  • The handling, storage and movement of goods and materials is a vast and complex business. To keep pace with the needs of manufacturers and retailers, warehouse work is available at all levels, from jobs that require no qualifications for entry, to positions for university graduates.
  • On our roads, thousands of vans and lorries take all sorts of products and raw materials to where they are needed - to factories, warehouses, and shops, or to shipping ports or airports for export. Just think of the products in supermarkets - they all need to be supplied regularly - sometimes daily from all over the world.
  • Management of the movement of goods and materials along the supply chain, from the source of raw materials to a finished product delivered to the end-user, is called logistics, and is a complex business.
  • Advances in computer technology and automation have made a difference to the way warehouses operate. Within a few hours of receiving an order, items can be gathered and delivered. The increase in online shopping means that single items need to be selected or 'picked' from the shelves and sent to individual customers, rather than dealing with bulk orders.

NCS: Finding a Job in Customer Service

5 August -10am - 12noon

Working in Retail and Customer Service

The workshop will look at different jobs in the Retail Sector. Including focussing on transferable skills.

It will also look at how customer service roles have changed including looking at remote and hybrid roles.

The following areas will be covered.

  • Overview of the Retail sector and customer service sector
  • Current labour market information
  • The different types of retail roles
  • Entry routes, qualifications and training
  • Skills and qualities employers look for
  • Where to find vacancies

NCS: Finding a Job in Admin

22 July - 10am - 12noon

Administration work is an important type of employment that involves the provision of essential services that support the operations and survival of companies.
There are several different kinds of admin work, each with various occupations for workers. Learning about this employment type can help you find a rewarding and suitable career. 
Most commonly, administrative work includes filing information, managing an office and its supplies, answering and directing phone calls, writing and answering emails and scheduling appointments. 

The workshop will look at the below areas.

  • Current labour market
  • The different types of administrative roles
  • Entry routes, qualifications and training
  • Skills and qualities employers look for
  • Where to find vacancies

NCS: Finding a Job in Hospitality

12 August -10am - 12noon

Whether you work for an international hotel, run your own catering business, manage a restaurant or serve drinks in a public house, working in hospitality means providing a high-quality service to people wanting food, drink or accommodation.

  • Jobs range from those that need few or no formal qualifications, through to others requiring training or qualifications up to degree level.
  • This workshop will give you the latest information on hospitality and catering, the full range of job roles and ways of entering this diverse sector.

NCS: Finding an Apprenticeship

8 July and 19 August - 10am - 12noon

Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of occupational sectors, from administration to youth support work. Available from Level 2 (GCSE equivalent) to degree and even postgraduate level. Apprenticeships are open to all ages (school leavers to adults)

Apprentices are employees and earn a salary, with a requirement that at least 20% of their working week is in training working towards industry/sector - recognised qualifications and standards. The webinar will cover:-

  • The occupational sectors in which apprenticeships are available
  • The levels of apprenticeships and the entry requirements
  • The pay levels on apprenticeships
  • How long apprenticeships last
  • What training is involved in apprenticeships and how they are assessed
  • Where to find apprenticeship vacancies
  • How to apply for apprenticeships

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