Video conferencing user agreement

When you join a virtual call with Council staff there are a number of points that need to be considered before joining the call. 

Below are the details of the terms to participate in a virtual call. However, if after reading this agreement you are not satisfied with the terms, please disconnect the call immediately. 

Your continuation of the call will be deemed to be acceptance of the terms. 

Participants in the call agree to the following terms:

  • Not to record the call in any way by photographing, filming, screen shooting recording or sharing the call on any device without prior agreement from all participants in the call;
  • Not to invite others into the call where this has not been agreed with all participants prior to the call;
  • Not to allow individuals other than the call participants to overhear and/or view confidential subject matter on the call. (Use of an audio headset to maintain privacy may assist with this);
  • Not to screen share inappropriate documents with participants in the call;
  • To behave to the same professional standard as a face to face meeting;
  • To use professional language when using the chat function;
  • To use a neutral background if using the camera tool; and
  • To (where required by the participants of the call) keep information shared in the call confidential at all times. (Unless such information indicates that an individual is or could be at risk of harm.)

Download this agreement as an image.