How we use your information

We will use your personal data for a limited number of purposes and always within the rules of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPOA2018)/UKGDPR.

This will include:

  • For the reason you gave us your details – such as providing benefit after you fill in a form – and to make sure we give you the best service
  • To help us talk to you and give you what you need – such as arranging access for people with mobility problems
  • To meet the law in areas such as licensing, planning, trading standards and food safety
  • To work with other organisations like the government to handle grants, payments and benefits
  • To collect money owed to us
  • Where you have given us permission
  • To protect people from harm where needed and to prevent – or detect - crime.
  • Staff administration
  • To meet our legal duties

There are a number of legal reasons why we need to collect and use your personal information:

  • You, or your legal representative, have given consent
  • You have entered into a contract with us
  • To perform our legal duties
  • To protect someone in an emergency
  • For employment purposes
  • To deliver health or social care services
  • You have made your information publicly available
  • For legal cases
  • For the benefit of society as a whole
  • To protect public health
  • For records or research

If we have your permission to use your personal information, you can change your mind and remove it at any time – just contact

We will only collect and use your personal information if we need it to deliver a service or because we have to by law and we will collect only the details we need.

If we use your personal information for research and analysis, we will not use your name unless you say we can.

We will not sell your personal information to other organisations.

Public Health Services

We are responsible for Public Health Services and we need to process personal information such as medical details to help this work. This information will be handled in the same way as all other personal information. Further details can be found in the Public Health Services Privacy Notice

Employee Data

We will handle personal information for people who work – or have worked – at the Council, councillors and other elected officials and volunteers for all employment purposes, such as pay and pensions. Further details can be found in the HR Privacy Notice