Things to think about when making a request

  • Look at your request again. Have you have asked the right questions?
  • Do your research first. Is the information already available on our website, perhaps in the Publication Scheme? If not, why not look at the Council's Open Data pages for more information.
  • Has the question been asked before? Look at the disclosure log on our website.
  • Take care when making lots of requests. Remember the more people you ask, the more public money will be spent on answering it. Make sure you are asking the right people.
  • Try to be clear. If we are not sure what you are asking for it may delay our reply as we will have to ask for more information.
  • Keep your request short and to the point. You can always make other requests later if you want more information.
  • Be polite. Don't assume that the person reading your request knows all about you or is trying to avoid answering your question(s).
  • Be patient. In most cases you will get a reply before the deadline of 20 working days (please note this does not include weekends or bank holidays). Remember we have a month to respond, starting the working day after we get your request.
  • Use the information you receive responsibly. Ask us for permission if you want to reproduce a document or at least mention where it came from.

Information Governance

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