The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced a new grant, the Household Support Fund (HSF) to cover the period 1 April 2022 to 30 September 2022. This fund is designed to be used to support households in the most need particularly those including children and pensioners who would otherwise struggled with energy bills, food and water bills.

The fund can be used to provide support with essentials linked to energy and water in recognition that a range of costs may arise which directly affect a household’s ability to afford or access food, energy and water.

If you require support please complete the online request for community support or if you have any difficulties applying online contact us on 08085 834333 where you will receive support with making an application.

Read our Customer Services privacy notice.

Any applications we are unable to assess due to insufficient evidence or information unfortunately will not be considered.

What is the grant for?

The grant can be used to help with the following:

  • support with food
  • heating/lighting repairs
  • essential items such as sanitary products
  • to pay for energy bills such as gas, electricity, oil and water/sewerage bills
  • to purchase essential household items like fridges, freezers and ovens
  • provide wider household support not linked to energy and water
  • In cases of genuine emergency where existing housing support schemes do not meet this exceptional need, the fund can be used to support housing costs. Eligibility for Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) must first be considered along with whether the claimant is at statutory risk of homelessness and therefore owed a duty of support through the Homelessness Prevention Grant (HPG) These avenues of support must be exhausted before emergency housing support from the Household Support fund will be considered.
  • housing and homelessness advice
  • Discretionary Housing Payments

What won’t the grant be considered for?

The grant cannot be used for payment of mortgage costs or to pay off debts.

Can I still apply if I have no recourse to public funds?

Yes, the fund allows us to provide a basic safety net support to an individual, regardless of their immigration status, if there is a genuine care need that does not arise solely from destitution, for example if:

  • there are community care needs
  • they have serious health problems
  • there is a risk to a child’s wellbeing

How much grant will I receive?

The government has allocated a fixed amount of grant funding to each local authority, so the award made to residents will be based on need.

How will I be paid?

If your application is successful, your award could be paid in the following ways:

  • Food awards will be made by food parcel or a food voucher
  • Support for gas, electricity, oil, water/sewerage will be made by either a Paypoint Energy top-up or Paypoint voucher
  • Support for essential items may be via a grant-funded appliance award
  • Support for essential repairs such as heating/lighting may be considered and an appropriately qualified engineer assigned to assess the problem
  • Support for wider household essentials may be supported by a voucher award.

Will the grant affect my benefits?

No, this funding is applicable to all who qualify and will not affect your benefits. It is also available to people not on benefits.

Can I apply online?

Yes, there is an online application form available.

Will I need to send in proof of my financial hardship?

Yes, we will require evidence to support your application. We will discuss this with you once we receive your application.

Can I make an application on behalf of someone?

Yes, we want as many people as possible in Coventry to benefit from this support. We will accept referrals from third parties such as social workers, relatives, friends etc.

Can I make more than one application?

Yes, depending on your circumstances you can make multiple applications.

How long does the Household Support Fund last?

The scheme started on 1 April 2022 and will finish on 30 September 2022.

How will you decide if I qualify?

Once we receive your application, a member of our community support team will contact you to discuss your application. We will use government guidance to determine if you are eligible for support. We will then tell you the outcome of your application.

If my application is rejected, can I appeal?

If you are unhappy about the outcome of your application, you can request a review of the decision by writing to us or emailing us within one calendar month of the decision date. You must clearly explain why you think the decision is wrong and provide any additional information that you think should be considered.  We will look at the decision again and you will be contacted about the outcome of the review.

How are you managing the risk of fraudulent applications?

We endeavour to ensure that all applications are made legitimately. If your application contains a false statement or you provide false evidence to support your case, you could be committing an offence under the Fraud Act 2006.

If you require support please complete the online request for community support or if you have any difficulties applying online contact us on 08085 834333 where you will receive support with making an application.

Household Support Fund Vouchers

The Government has given councils funding (the Household Support Fund) to provide extra support for energy and water bills over the winter and spring period. In the previous fund period, eligible households could claim a one-off supermarket voucher for £36 which they could put towards their food costs and so have more money left to support their energy bills.

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