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Event enquiry, fee payment and cancellation

Event information

Event attendees (per day)

Event size classification

Enquiry submission deadline (prior to event date)

Payment of licence fee deposit

Payment of licence fee balance

<150 minor 28 days N/A full payment upon receipt of invoice
150 - 500 small 6 weeks N/A full payment upon receipt of invoice
501 - 2000 medium 3 months 25% no later than 28 days prior to event
2001 - 10000 large 6 months 25% no later than 90 days prior to event
>10000 major 9 months 25% no later than 90 days prior to event

The date of the event is not secured until deposit (where required) or full payment has been paid.

Invoice/s will be sent for the deposit (where required) and/or full payment with payments due within 14 days of such invoice/s.

Events permitted with less than 14 days’ notice will require full payment.

Where full payment has not been received prior to the event in accordance with the timescales set out above, the event will automatically be cancelled.

Deposits are non-refundable.

The ground bond (where applicable) will be refunded.

(subject to compliance with the above-mentioned terms and conditions) within 30 days of the event.

Cancellation by licensee terms and conditions

  • Greater than 28 days’ notice – full refund of licence fee (less any deposit paid)
  • Less than 28 days’ notice but greater than 7 days’ notice – 50% of licence fee (less any deposit paid)
  • Less than 7 days’ notice – no refund

Cancellation by Council terms and conditions

  • if extreme weather conditions are experienced prior to, or during the event, the Council may relocate the event, and in the worst-case scenario, cancel, close or change the date of the event;
  • non-payment of the licence fee prior to the Event;
  • if the Council at its discretion requires to cancel the event for any other reason.

If the Council cancels the event (and another date cannot be agreed between the parties) as a result of extreme weather conditions or for any other reason a full refund will be provided including the deposit.

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