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Residents' Parking Schemes

Pages in Residents' Parking Schemes

  1. Residents' Parking Schemes
  2. Resident parking scheme application forms
  1. Landlords' Parking Scheme
  2. Medical Parking Scheme

We have created a number of Residents' Parking Schemes. These schemes aim to protect on-street parking spaces outside people's houses, in areas where parking is limited, and problems are caused by parking by commuters and shoppers, etc.

Parking in a residents' parking area when it is in operation without a valid permit is not allowed and you are likely to get a parking ticket.

If you do have a parking permit you should be aware that this does not guarantee you a place to park your vehicle, it only gives you permission to do so if space is available.

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Residents' Parking Schemes (Paper Permits)

Residents' Parking Schemes (Digital Permits)

Map of Residents' Parking Schemes in Coventry
List of Streets in Residents' Parking Schemes

Types of Permit

  • Resident's Permits

    • These are for Resident's who live in a Resident's Parking Scheme.

    • They are registered to vehicles registered at the property.

  • Visitor's Permits

    • These are non-vehicle specific permits for people to use whilst visiting your property.

    • Vehicle registrations can be changed online via your account on the MiPermit Portal or via your smartphone and the MiPermit App

    • We no longer issue Visitor Permit scratchcards. 

  • Landlord's Permits

    • These are for Landlord's when visiting properties they own. 

  • Medical Permits

    • For qualified medical professionals.

Apply for a Digital Permit

Known as MiPermit, the digital scheme is paperless and operates in a similar way to the car tax system.

In order to apply for a digital permit, residents will need to either:

  • Register online on the Coventry MiPermit portal
    • You may also apply for a Paper Visitor Permit via the MiPermit Portal (Not available in all Resident Parking Schemes).
    • To renew a Paper Visitor Permit please use the MiPermit Portal.
  • Register by phone, by calling 0345 520 7007.
    • Opening hours 8am to 8pm (Monday to Friday), Saturdays & Bank Holidays 8am to 4pm
    • You may be put through to voicemail during busy periods, but you will get a call back

Paying by Cheque

if you wish to pay for your permit by Cheque,

  • Please make it out to 'MiPermit' 
  • Send the cheque with the permit details to:
    • MiPermit
    • P.O.Box 3584
    • Chippenham
    • SN15 9EF

Renewing your permits

  • You will get a reminder email 14 days before your permit is due to expire.
  • To renew your permit you need to do so by logging into your online account or by calling 0345 520 7007.
  • With the renewal of Paper Visitor Permits, the process is exactly the same.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this on the login page.

Permits are only valid in the Zone for which they are issued.

What to do if you want a Residents' Parking Scheme in your area

We receive a large number of requests for residents’ parking schemes. Therefore, there are a number of criteria which must be met before a scheme can be considered. The request must have the support of at least one Ward Councillor and at least 60% of the properties included must be in favour of a scheme. There must also be less than 40% of parking spaces available during the daytime. Before undertaking a parking survey, we would need to receive a petition showing that a large number of households are in support of a scheme. Some important things to remember about residents’ parking schemes are:

  • Having a permit does not guarantee a parking space will be available
  • A permit does not allow you to park on double yellow lines
  • A permit can only be used in a specific scheme area
  • There is a charge for a permit (currently £20 for up to 3 years)

Read our Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions.

Parking Services team

Telephone: Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pm. Our most busy times are Mondays and daily 12noon - 2pm.


Tel: 024 7683 3400

Coventry City Council
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