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Registering a new food business

If you are planning to open a new food business, or take over an existing business as the new food business operator, you will need to register the business with us.

All food businesses/operations are required to register. However, there is only a need to register if high risk foods are being handled and the provision of food occurs more than once a month.  High risk food includes food which is served hot or requires temperature control in order to remain safe to eat.  

You also need to register if you are a food broker. Food Brokers sell food products from various producers and manufacturers to other wholesale and retail food businesses. Check if you are a food broker.

How to register your food business

All types of food business have a legal requirement to register at least 28 days before opening. It is free to register the business.

Check online that you are within Coventry.

Once you have registered with us, as long as you can produce food safely, you can start trading. You do not have to wait until you have been inspected.

Complete the registration form online

Approved premises

Certain types of food businesses that produce dairy products, meat products, fishery products, egg products, minced meat or meat preparation may require a different type of registration, called ‘Approval’.

If you think that your new food business falls into this category, you must contact the Food Safety Team as soon as possible – food businesses that require 'Approval' cannot start trading until approval has been granted.

If you think that your business will require approval, you should complete the approval form online.

If you need to amend details of an existing approved premises, please complete the online form.

Other considerations

When setting up a new food business you may also wish to contact one or more of the following for further information:

Food and Safety team

Open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 08085 834333


Coventry City Council
PO Box 15
Council House

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