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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Registering a death

We are only offering a telephone service to register a death.

Canley Garden cemetery and crematorium

Canley Garden cemetery and crematorium grounds are open 8.30am – 9pm (Monday-Sunday inc.) The reception facilities will continue to have limited access until further notice. For general information requests please email: [email protected] all requests will be reviewed and dealt with depending on a priority assessment. Social distancing, hand sanitising and the requirements to wear a mask/ face covering (unless exempt) will remain in place until further notice.

The Book Room

All visitors are requested to wear face coverings/masks (unless exempt) and use hand sanitiser upon entry and exit. We respectfully request visitors refrain from touching the book cabinet or any other hard surfaces whilst visiting (cut flowers are permitted to be placed in the displays provided). The door must remain open at all times for ventilation purposes

Revised arrangements for burials and cremations

  • Cremation or memorial service in either of the chapels:
    • The chapels will have all seating reinstated, to pre-pandemic numbers (there will still be a requirement to clean the chapel in between each service).
    • Singing will be permitted during the service, however families must clearly understand this does create additional aerosol in a confined space. Bereavement Services recommend until such times as the 3rd spike is over families consider listening to recorded music supplied through the Obitus system.
    • No hymn books will be supplied for the foreseeable future. Bereavement Services strongly recommend all attendees continue to wear masks/face coverings until such times as the 3rd spike has passed to keep venerable family members safe. All those attending services are required to hand sanitise before entering the chapel
    • The waiting rooms will remain closed for the foreseeable future (access to toilet facilities will remain available during normal opening times).
    • All attendees should scan the QR code upon entry into the chapel for NHS Test and Trace purposes
    • Due to the current situation (3rd spike) current process for own bearers will be retained until further notice for chapel services It will not be permitted for the coffin to be opened inside the chapel.
    • There will remain a limit of X2 attendees to witness the charging of the coffin.
    • Collection plates are not permitted inside the chapel until further notice.
    • Cleaning of the chapels in between services will continue until further notice.

  • Graveside service/interment – There will be no limit on numbers who can attend, however we do request only 6 immediate family members stand around the graveside until such times as the Burial Supervisor, Funeral Director and staff have finished and can move away. However, there are no longer any restrictions for mourners located within the cemetery. (Continue to practice social distancing wherever possible).
  • Scattering and burial of ashes - Our officers will continue to practice social distancing wherever possible. Officers may continue to wear masks or face coverings at appointments. There will be no limit on numbers who can attend. The crematorium attendant is the only person permitted to use the strewing urn during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Live streaming

  • A fee is applied for the live streaming of services booked on or after 19 July 2021.


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