Bin lorry driver strike action

Bin lorry drivers are on strike over a number of days. We apologise but this is out of our control. We are continuing to try and find a resolution that will get drivers back on the streets.

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Registering a death

Changes to a death certificate

If you notice a mistake on the death certificate, please let us know and this can usually be corrected. 

Fees for consideration of a correction

  • £75 to your local register office for consideration
  • £90 if the documents need to be sent to the Registrar General for consideration

Apply for a death certificate correction online.

Cause of death certificate

A medical cause of death certificate enables the family of the deceased to register the death. If the cause of death certificate is not completed accurately there will be a delay in registering the death and it can hold up the process for burial or cremations. To speed up the process you may want to be familiar with the examples of a ‘bad’ and ‘good’ cause of death certificate. If you feel that it has not been completed correctly, politely point this out to the medical professional who is completing the cause of death certificate.

Register office

Telephone: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 024 7683 3141

Building opening times: 9.15am–4.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)
Cheylesmore Manor House
Manor House Drive

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