HMO licensing

Varying your licence

You must notify this department within twenty-one days to report any of the following changes of circumstance:

  • The licence holder's address changes
  • The manager's address changes
  • The existing manager is removed
  • A new manager is appointed

In addition, you can apply to us to if you wish to change the following details on your licence:

  • Increase the maximum permitted persons 
  • Increase the maximum permitted households
  • Amend or remove specific conditions from Schedule 2

There is no charge to apply to vary your licence, and you will be in breach of your licence conditions if you do not notify us of the above changes in a timely manner.

  • If you wish to vary the maximum households permitted in the property, you may need to provide plans showing the new layout.
  • If you wish to appoint a new manager, you will need to certify that they are a fit and proper person.

Apply for Licence Variation

Changes of ownership

You must notify us if you sell a licensed HMO. HMO licences are not transferable; the licence against the property will end at the point of sale and the new owner will need to submit a new licence application. It is the licence holder’s responsibility to apply to cancel (revoke) the licence.

Ceasing use as a HMO

If you intend to stop using the property as an HMO, you must inform the Housing Enforcement team. The licence can then be revoked after which you will not need to comply with the licence conditions.

If your licence is about to expire and you decide to change the use of the house and stop using it as a licensable HMO, you do not need to apply for a licence if you apply for a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN). Please note that we can only grant a TEN if you are taking active steps to bring the property out of licensability.  

HMO licensing

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