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HMO licensing

Fees and charges

Our licence fee structure consists of two stages:

  • The Stage 1 fee must be paid when you make the application for the application process costs. 
  • The Stage 2 fee must be paid when you are sent the “notice of intention to grant a licence” (Draft Licence). Stage 2 fee must be paid within 14 days of this notice and it will be a condition of the licence that this fee is paid. 

Your application is not “duly made” until both fees are paid and your licence will not be issued until full payment is received.  

Licence fees

Application type Stage 1 fee Stage 2 fee Total fee
Higher Rate New Application - New application for a one-year licence where the HMO has been operating unlicensed for more than 12 weeks £600  £650  £1,250.00 
Standard New Application - 
New application for a one-year* licence where: 
i) The HMO was acquired and/or began operating as an HMO within the previous 12 weeks; or 
ii) The licence expired before a valid renewal application was completed; or 
iii) Change of existing licence holder. 
*May be eligible for longer licence in cases of  i) or iii) if licence holder holds other HMO licences with us and all relevant criteria are met at time of application
£600  £455  £1,055.00 
Two-year licence - Licence where all two-year licence criteria are met  £415 £290 £705.00
Five year licence – Five year licence where all eligibility criteria are met  £450 £190 £640.00
Standard Renewal - Renewal of a licence   £255  £290  £545.00 

Please note that in order to be eligible for a renewal licence, you must submit your application while the existing licence is still current, and you must be the existing licence holder - Mandatory Licences are not transferable, so an application made by a new owner is de facto a new application. 

A renewal licence will last for the same period as the existing licence.  If, upon the expiration of your current licence, you wish to renew for a longer period (to a maximum of five years), you must submit a new application, paying the relevant fee.  Please note that if you were issued a five year licence under the pre-2019 structure, you will need to evidence that you need to meet the eligibility criteria in order to renew for five years.

The fee structure detailed above applies from 1 April 2019; we will honour the previous fee structure for licence applications submitted before that date.  (£829.12 for properties with seven or fewer lets, plus £11.22 per let above seven.)

How to pay

We accept online payments. Select “Planning and Developments” and then “HMO Application”.

Alternatively, you can make the payment over the phone with a credit or debit card by calling on 024 7697 5467.

Any enquiries regarding fees should be made directly to the Property Licensing team.

We will issue a receipt for both payment methods upon request.

Optional charges for other services available

Service type Price
HMO licensing advice (per visit) – optional visit to determine whether property is suitable to be licensed and advise on requirements for property to be used as a HMO.  £196.00 


The licensing fees are set to recover the administrative and inspection costs. We can only offer refunds upon withdrawal of an application as below: 

Circumstances of refund request  Amount refunded  
Stage one - Before inspection of the house. The retained amount covers the Council's preliminary administrative costs Stage one fee less £109.00
Stage one - After inspection completed. The retained amount covers the Council's application costs  Nil
Stage two – After the intention notice. The retained amount covers the Council's ongoing costs  Nil

NOTE: If you withdraw your HMO licence application and it is subsequently found that you are operating the property as an HMO then you will be required to make a new application and may be subject to formal enforcement action for operating an unlicensed HMO.

HMO licensing


Tel: 024 7697 5467

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