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Recycling and Reuse Centre (the tip)

Vehicle access

Car and van access
Height Length Requirements Restrictions
Less than 1.7m Less than 5.25m Direct access no booking None
Over 1.7m - less than 2.1m Less than 5.25m

Booking required
(Exclusions apply - please see below)

No trailers allowed with these vehicles
Over 2.1m More than 5.25m No access to site None


Trailer access
Length Width Requirements
Less than 1.2 m Less than 1.2m Direct access no booking
More than 1.2m up to 2.4m More than 1.2 up to 1.8m Booking required
Greater than 2.4m Greater than 1.8m No access to site

The height barrier is set at 1.7 metres. Vehicles above this need to book an appointment. Vehicles above 1.7 metres are not allowed to bring a trailer on to the site and will only be allowed a maximum of eight visits per year.

Roof racks and trailers

  • If a roof rack is being used to carry waste material and it won't fit under the 1.7 metre height barrier, you will have to book the vehicle in.
  • If the roof rack is simply on and not carrying material and if this is a people carrier or other non-commercial type vehicle it should be allowed on to the site through the middle barrier.
  • Roof racks on commercial type vehicles will be treated like trailers and are not accepted if they carry waste.
  • Any van, pick-up or commercial type vehicles will not be allowed in with a trailer of any size.


Non-commercial type vehicles (eg 4x4s, people carriers) that can't fit under the height barrier (1.7m) but are less than 2.1m high, can enter the site without booking, by going to the middle barrier. Please press the button and wait for one of our workers.

We will check all vehicles and any that break the rules will not be allowed on site. (Note: If the seats have been removed then they are classed as commercial type vehicle and need to book). 

Customer Services

Open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)


Tel: 08085 834333


If you do need to call us,
please try to avoid our busiest times
of lunchtime and early afternoon.

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