Coventry Homefinder – re-registration

About the re-registration process (FAQs)

Why do I have to re-register?

Coventry Homefinder is changing. A new policy was approved last year and will be implemented this September. There are changes to who will be allowed to join the register, and changes to the priority bands. This means that all applicants will need to re-register so we can re-assess your housing needs.

If you want to stay on the Homefinder register, you must complete your re-registration form by 6 September 2021.

How do I re-register?

You will be contacted when you have to re-register (by message on your Homefinder account and by letter). The letter will contain instructions on how to re-register.

The re-registration form will be online. It is one form where you provide all of the information about your current circumstances. There is no need to make a separate application for priority banding.

When do I have to re-register by?

6 September 2021 – However we encourage you to re-register as soon as possible before this date.

What documents do I need to provide?

You will need your national insurance number, a list of your addresses over the last 5 years and information about your income. You will also need information about the reason for your housing need – for example if you have medical reasons for needing to move you may need details of your medications and treatment, or if you are in financial difficulty and cannot afford your rent, you will need information about your spending. Before you start it would be worth having this information to hand as you will need to send this information to us before your application can be processed.

How long will it take for my re-registration to be processed?

Once submitted, your application will be assessed by the Homefinder Team.  We will inform you of the outcome of your application via email or letter. Please do not contact us during this time, applications will be processed on a first come first served basis, the team will not have the capacity to deal with enquiries as they will be focused on assessing applications. We strongly advise you to submit your application as soon as possible to maximise the potential of it being live when the new scheme launches

What will happen if I don’t re-register on time?

You will still be able to apply at any time in the future, however if you do not re-register by 6 September 2021, this will be treated as a new application and you will be given a new registration date/effective date.

This is important because priority for housing is, in part, dependent upon how long you have been registered - with people who have been waiting the longest given greater priority over others in the same band. 

What if my circumstances have changed?

When you fill in the re-registration form, you should tell us about your current circumstances. Your application will then be assessed based on your current circumstances and you will be placed into the appropriate band (or told you cannot re-register if you no longer meet the criteria).

Read the new policy.

More support if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

What do I do if I need help to re-register?

You will receive a letter explaining how to re-register. 

If you do not have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone or the internet, you can access computers in libraries (by appointment)

If you need assistance to complete the re-registration form, and you are not able to get help from family, friends, a support worker or advice agency, please call 024 7683 4024.

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