How often will I get a direct payment and how can I spend it?

How often will I get a direct payment?

Some people need help all the time and will get paid the direct payment every four weeks.

Other people will need help once, or for a short time, and could be paid a one-off direct payment.

What can I do with my direct payment?

There is no 'set' list of support, activities or goods that you can buy with your direct payment.

You have to use your direct payment to meet your eligible needs that the Council has found out about from your assessment and are recorded in your support plan.

As long as the direct payment is used to meet eligible needs it is up to you, or the person managing this on your behalf if you cannot make these decisions, to choose the best way to meet your needs which could be as follows:

  • Help at home or out and about by Personal Assistants or Care Agencies
  • Activities, interests and goods
  • Short breaks
  • Equipment and Adaptations (this will only be agreed following an assessment by an occupational therapist).

You will need to discuss and agree your plans with the Council.

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