What happens when I am set up on a prepaid card and how does the prepaid card work?

Prepaid cards are the Council's preferred way of paying Direct Payments.

The Council will set up your card for you.

If you need help to manage your Direct Payment you can give us the name of a trusted person who agrees to manage the card on your behalf, the card will then be set up in their name.

If a trusted person is managing the card on your behalf, they will have to provide 1 or 2 types of identification before the card can be set up by the Council on your behalf. This identification will need to be seen by your allocated worker or by the Independent Living Team.

When your card has been requested it will arrive in the post along with instructions telling you how to activate the card.

Once the funding has been approved, the funding will be paid onto the card.

You can then use your card to set up payments as you would with a traditional bank account or debit card. You will be able to set up payments either online or over the phone.

You can check your account online or request statements from the Council if necessary. The Council will also be able to view your account online.

For more information about receiving your direct payment via a prepaid card download/request a copy of our prepaid card leaflet.

Who can I contact to discuss my Prepaid Card?

  • To activate your card, check your pin or report that your card is lost or stolen, contact Prepaid Financial Services IVR number on: 0203 327 1991.
  • For support using your card and managing your Direct Payment (e.g. setting up payments online) please contact Penderels Trust on: 024 7651 1611.
  • To set up payments over the phone contact Prepaid Financial Services Customer Service Team on: 020 3985 9354. 
  • For queries about funding or how you can use your Direct Payment contact Coventry City Council Independent Living Team on: 024 7527 0960 or email: independentliving@coventry.gov.uk

Independent Living Team

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