Parking at our schools

Parking enforcement car

Poor and inconsiderate parking close to schools can place children at risk. Most accidents involving children outside schools occur when a child has their sight obscured by parked cars. Parking restrictions and marked areas on the roads are there for a reason – to keep children safe. The safest option when dropping off or picking your kids up is to park away from the school and take a short walk to the gates.

If you MUST park near to school and space is limited, please follow the rules:

  • Do not park on zig-zag lines or keep clear markings
  • Do not park across dropped kerbs or drives
  • Do not park on footpaths
  • Do not stop to drop kids off in the centre of the road
  • Always abide by the restriction signs – park only in permitted areas
  • Please park safely and be considerate of children and residents by not causing an obstruction

Keeping our children and young people safe

It is hard for us to patrol school gates because we have a limited number of Traffic Wardens and there are a lot of schools. But we can now issue parking tickets using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. We are using a car fitted with an ANPR camera – like the one shown - to drive around the city to issue parking tickets to vehicles we see illegally parked.

People won’t know they have been issued with a ticket until they receive it in the post. But the car will be collecting photographic evidence of illegal parking and the fine will be £70.