Charges - recovery process for penalty charge notices

When a Penalty Charge Notice is issued, you must either :

  • pay the charge within 28 days, or
  • let us know in writing why it should be cancelled (do this when you receive a Notice to Owner as below)

A 50 percent discount will be given if the charge is paid within 14 days or 21 days for PCNs issued via CCTV (Approved Device).

If the charge is not paid, a Notice to Owner will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle asking for the full amount of the charge.

If you receive a Notice to Owner you must either:

  • pay the full charge within 28 days, or
  • contact the council.

If you do nothing, a Charge Certificate will be sent and the charge increases by 50 percent.

If you receive a Charge Certificate you must pay the charge within 14 days. There is no right to appeal at this stage.

If you do not pay the charge, it is registered as a debt in the County Court and a court fee is added and a Notice of Debt Registration is sent.

Please remember:

  • Pay your penalty charge notice within 14 days, or 21 days for PCNs issued via CCTV (Approved Device), to receive the discount, 
  • Do not ignore any letters from us
  • If you wish to contact us to say why a ticket should be cancelled, do so within 28 days

Parking Services (enforcement)

Address: PO Box 15
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Telephone: 024 7683 4367