How to comment on a planning application

Unless comments are received in writing they will not be taking into consideration in the determination of a planning application. You are advised to formally put your views in writing through our planning portal (using the representations option). Written comments can also be emailed to Development Management. You must include the planning reference number on any comments that are not made through the online system. Comments received will be taken into consideration in the determination process but individual responses to queries raised in letters will not be responded to.

Only online comments will be acknowledged.

How to comment

Using our application search pages and online map you can identify the application you are interested in. You can check any information supplied with the application and if it is still "Pending" there will be a "comment on this application button".

Personal Data

Before commenting on this application we strongly recommend that you read our data protection policy statement contained on our website and publishing your comment page. 

What can I comment on?

Planning matters include

  • how it fits in with the adopted Development Plan
  • how the proposal fits in terms of design and use with the surroundings
  • the effect on sunlight and daylight on neighbouring properties
  • the loss of privacy to neighbouring properties
  • the effect on parking, traffic and road safety
  • noise and general disturbance to nearby residents' land
  • ownership disputes

Planning matters do not include

  • personal circumstances or character of the person
  • spoiling your view
  • rights to light
  • devaluing your property
  • moral issues
  • covenants affecting properties
  • nuisance caused by building work

Anybody can comment. You do not need to have a direct interest in the application site or be a neighbour. You can support as well as object to a proposal. Remember that all comments received are open to public inspection and may be repeated in other public documents.

Anonymous comments

Due to the legal requirement to make comments available for public inspection, we cannot provide anonymity or accept comments marked ‘private or confidential’. In such instances they will be returned; where anonymous they will be destroyed.

Comments that include offensive, racist, discriminatory, threatening and other non relevant statements will be returned or destroyed as above and will not form part of the application documentation.

Planning appeals

If the application is subject to appeal, comments will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate and may be published in full on their website.

In the case of a householder, advertisement, or minor commercial (shop front) development application, the appeal will proceed by way of a fast track procedure. Any comments made about the application will be passed to the Secretary of State and there will be no opportunity to make further representations.


We are unable to give informal advice by telephone, please refer to our planning webpages for guidance.

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Building control

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