Consultation database

To receive updates on all our planning policy consultations please register with our consultation portal. Once you have done this please ensure your email settings are set to recognise correspondence from us (via Inovem Consult) to avoid the possibility of updates being filtered as spam.

If you have any problems please email the team at

Privacy notice

Coventry City Council will use your personal information to fulfil your request to be included on the Planning Policy consultation database and to process any representations and information which you submit to us to help us develop and deliver appropriate planning policy. We share this data with Inovem Ltd who provide our planning policy consultation services. We will work with the Planning Inspectorate and independent Neighbourhood Plan examiners to provide statutory plan examination services where appropriate.

We will also share information about you with the Planning Inspectorate and Neighbourhood Plan examiners  in order to ensure that your representations can be considered at examination and that you can be invited to participate should this be appropriate.

More details about how we use information about you can be found in the full privacy notice.

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