Quiet Activism (Est. 2015)

To coincide with our inaugural ‘Scratch the Surface Festival’ the Pod with associates launched an innovative new project to celebrate community/social activism. Quiet Activism© aims to highlight those quiet activists within the community who act as agents for positive change. Drawing upon the relationships developed through the Pod’s social brokerage, Time Union and Food Union and our cultural programming Quiet Activism focuses upon individuals who encourage communities to cultivate, connect and change.  

Quiet activists are individuals who probably don’t identify themselves as an activist, but are passionate about the work they do and believe strongly in changing society for the better. Their influence spreads beyond those within a particular community or those engaged in a given project. Their enthusiasm is infectious and inclusive, it draws people in, and makes you feel part of something bigger, something meaningful and important. They make you realise that real and meaningful change is achieved not through a ‘top-down’ agency but through real people, forging authentic connections with one another.

Inspired by the Edinburgh Southsiders project Quiet Activism features film and photograph portraits of different quiet activists. To date, we have worked with videographers Alex Taylor of Mindsweep Media and Sherrie Edgar a Time Union member, and photographers Adele Mary Reed and Marcin Sze and Alan W. This project is naturally evolving and will in its own time comprise of video, photography, audio and a printed publication.