About you

When you come to Broad Park your Mum, Dad or Carer will have told us about how you would like/need to be looked after. If you are able to tell or show us how you like to be looked after, we will also write this down and make up what we call a ‘Care Plan’.

We might also have other plans that we write depending on how you need to be looked after, by writing these plans it means that we can care for you in the very best way possible way.


Your usual bedtime routine will be followed as closely as possible. We will ask about your bedtimes, this includes whether you like to have a bath or a shower before going to bed, whether you like to have your door left open or your light on also if you have a favourite toy or teddy that you like to take to bed with you or have a story or a book to read. We know some of you will go to bed at different times to other young people of your age and this will be agreed in one of your plans.

Broad Park House

Address: Logan Road

Telephone: 024 7661 5254