At Broad Park we expect all children and young people to be kind and to respect each other. However if we encounter any form of bullying it will be dealt with appropriately. Please see our anti-bullying policy for more information.

When you are at Broad Park there are lots of things to do so we hope everyone will find activities interesting.

If someone should feel bored, angry, over stimulated or frustrated this can lead to negative behaviour, should this happen, staff will look at your relaxation /behaviour plan so we can find out how to help you manage your behaviour during your stay. This means that you can then enjoy time in the group or activity once again.

Positive behaviour will be rewarded here at Broad Park, we love to give praise and value you taking part in all of the fun activities.


Bullying is hurtful physical, verbal or emotional behaviour towards others with the intention or causing distress and/or intimidation.

At Broad Park the level of supervision should mean that incidents of bullying are minimal. Bullying in any form will not be tolerated and will be challenged.

We will make sure that any incidences of bullying are recorded and dealt with by staff.

If you feel that you are being bullied then you must tell a member of staff who can support you with dealing with the problem, and also talk to you if you are not sure.

If bullying carries on in the home, we will organise a meeting with parents/carers and social workers to make sure that it stops and that things are in place to make sure we can all live together happily.

Broad Park House

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