Getting involved

When you arrive we have a 'Young Person's meeting'.

At this meeting you can choose and decide what activities you would like to do for the week and what kind of food or meals you would like to eat.

It's important that you make your views known and we can help you do this by using lots of different communication tools.

You can also find out more about getting your views heard on the next page.

Link worker

When you come to Broad Park you will be allocated a 'Link Worker'. Your link worker will write and sort out your care plans and other things that you need to make it a nice stay at Broad Park. They will talk with your parents/carers and your social worker to make sure everything is in place for you. They will also attend your school reviews and short break reviews.

Your link worker will make sure that they are there for you and will help you with any problems that you might have when you stay with us.

Short break reviews

When you start staying overnight at Broad Park, you will be allocated a Link Worker and may also be allocated your very own Reviewing Officer.

The Reviewing Officer works outside of Broad Park and makes sure that you are getting the very best care possible. In the case where you are not allocated a Reviewing Officer your Link Worker will ensure that we are meeting your care needs. They will have a meeting, that you can also attend every 6 months and will look at your 'care plan' to make sure that your short break is still a good thing for you. You can tell your Reviewing Officer/ Link Worker all the things you like about your short break and also the things that you don't like so much.

They will listen to what you have to say and might change your care plan to make it a better experience for you.

Your parents and your Social Worker will also be at the review.

If you haven't got a review for a little while you can still contact your Reviewing Officer and they will listen to you.

You can contact them at:

Children's Reviewing Service
Broadgate House
024 7683 3443

Your views

While you are at Broad Park we understand that sometimes you can feel tired, homesick, don't always understand what is going on or generally feel unhappy.

If something has happened to make you feel unhappy, please tell us and we will listen.

If someone has upset you we will do our best to help you sort out the problem.

If you are still not happy you have the right to complain to someone outside of Broad Park House. We have an Inspector whose job it is to visit Broad Park and check that everything is OK. You can tell the inspector when s/he is here or complete a form or you can call them directly on the telephone. We can get someone impartial to help you.

Comments, compliments and complaints

Complaints from families and young people are taken seriously and recorded on the official register. All attempts are made to solve complaints at home level by the Registered Home's Manager, Sue Hollywood.

Children's social care complaints

If this is not possible an official complaints form is available either from the home or from our Children's Social Care complaints department.

Should you wish to Comment on or compliment on an individual or the home's practices please do so.


Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
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Telephone: 0300 1231231
E mail:
For textphone/Minicom users 0161 618 8524

Barnado's Children's Rights Officer

We also have a visit every 6 weeks from a Barnado's Children's Rights Officer, who will come and have a chat to you. They will listen to you and give you some advice if you need it? It doesn't have to be about Broad Park, but any part of your life that you feel you need some help with.

You can contact: 024 7637 2596.

Broad Park House

Address: Logan Road

Telephone: 024 7661 5254