Our Social Value and Sustainability Outcomes

Coventry City Council has developed a set of representative and example outcomes that allows it to consider the economic, social and environmental well-being of Coventry City and its residents, as per Appendix 1. These outcomes are supported by the vision, values and priorities contained in the One Coventry Plan. Suppliers, Contractors and Developers are encouraged to align their values with the Council’s Plan, as well as the Social Value and sustainability requirements of the individual contract
or planning permission they are applying for and how they can align their bid submission/planning application to meet the required outcomes.

The Council is committed to working towards paying its directly employed staff the Living Wage Foundation ‘Real’ Living Wage. We will be encouraging our sub-contractors and commissioned providers to work towards this objective. In addition, we will be encouraging our partners to follow our lead to promote this objective.

The Council’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of achieving our Social Value and Sustainability Outcomes. The Council is committed to meeting all parts of the Public Sector Equality Duty through incorporating equality and diversity into all stages of its commissioning and procurement activity and this is demonstrated by key actions within the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. This will enable the Council to help deliver resource-efficient services to the people of Coventry, as well as
encourage our partners/providers to deliver good equalities practice within their own organisations.

The Council will also ensure that Equality Impact Assessments are carried out regularly as part of the commissioning process. These assessments will allow the impact on key groups to be analysed and also consider the impact on vulnerable residents and those living in deprived areas

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