Social Value and Sustainability Tool Kit

The Council’s Social Value and Sustainability Tool Kit is an internal document used by Council Officers to assist and ensure that the principles of this Social Value and Sustainability policy, are embedded within the Council’s day to day activities and delivered through the three main areas below:

  • Commissioning & Procurement and subsequent third party contracts.
  • Major development project planning applications
  • City Council partners

Coventry City Council implemented its first Social Value Tool Kit following the launch of its Social Value Policy in 2014. The latest Tool Kit is the second revision and has been updated to also provide guidance on delivering Social Value & Sustainability via Major Development Project Planning and approaches the Council can adopt to work more closely with its City Partners.

The Tool Kit provides guidance and ideas on how to consider and incorporate Social Value and Sustainability, for example within a procurement process through to the contract management stage. Tools are provided in the Tool Kit, to evaluate and measure Social Value and Sustainability objectively such as the TOMs (Themes, Outcomes and Measures) National Framework. The Tool Kit provides guidance whilst also linking into other Council strategies policies and processes that should be considered.