Delivery of Social Value and Sustainability

Coventry City Council delivers Social Value and Sustainability through various channels as listed below:

  • Commissioning & Procurement and subsequent third party contracts.
  • Major development project planning applications
  • City Council partners

7.1 Commissioning & Procurement and Subsequent Third-Party Contracts

7.1.1 Consideration

Before commencing a procurement process, the Council considers how the economic, social and environmental well-being of the City may be improved through the procurement of its services and subsequent third-party contracts.

The aim of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 is not to alter the commissioning and procurement processes, but to ensure that as part of these processes, Coventry City Council gives consideration to the wider impact of the services delivery. It allows the Council for example, to choose a supplier under a tendering process who not only provides the most economically advantageous offer e.g. providing consideration for quality and cost, but one which goes beyond the basic contract terms and secures wider benefits for the community.

The Act applies to services contracts and contracts which combine service with the purchase or hire of goods. However, the Council has for many years considered social, economic and environmental issues when procuring goods, services and works. Therefore, the Council will continue to encourage consideration of Social Value outcomes in all contracts above the Public Contract Regulations thresholds, where it can be evidenced that it is relevant to the subject matter of the contract. For those
contracts that fall below the Public Contract Regulations thresholds, the approach should be to maximise these outcomes where possible and practical to do so.

7.1.2 Consultation

In discharging its statutory duties, the Council is required to consider whether consultation should take place as part of the commissioning process, so as to allow the community and voluntary sectors to be more closely involved; this again ties in with the One Coventry approach. Consultation should be considered as part of the process of looking at how a procurement might be offered for tender, in such a way to improve the area’s economic, social and environmental well-being.

7.1.3 Implementation

The Council has also developed a Procurement & Commissioning Social Value and Sustainability Implementation Framework (Appendix 2), which sets out the Council’s approach to delivering its Social Value and Sustainability Policy. The Framework sets out how the Council will ensure that Social Value and Sustainability is embedded in its commissioning cycle, the governance arrangements in place to deliver and a set of indicators that will be used to consider the potential Social Value and Sustainability
that could be delivered with regard to the Council’s Social Value & Sustainability Outcomes.

7.1.4 Evaluation

The Council procures a wide range of goods and services, and it is recognised that there can be no ‘one size fits all’ model. This Social Value and Sustainability policy will therefore need to be applied in a proportionate manner and be tailored to reflect the service or goods to be procured. It is the responsibility of service commissioners and procurement leads to consider, on a contract by contract basis, the potential Social Value outcomes that could be delivered through the procurement process and the most appropriate procurement strategy and Social Value and Sustainability evaluation tools to achieve these outcomes. The evaluation tools utilised can be of both an objective and/or subjective nature, to quantify the Social Value and Sustainability offered as part of the procurement & commissioning exercise.

7.1.5 Demonstration

Applications to provide services from organisations should therefore demonstrate and where appropriate their supply chains’, ability to add economic, social and environmental value to the City above and beyond simply providing the tendered service and to provide evidence which would contribute to the Outcomes set out in Appendix 1

7.1.6 Contract Monitoring and Management

The Council will monitor and record Social Value and Sustainability delivered throughout the contract period e.g. via contract management meetings, to ensure that supplier commitments made at the procurement & commissioning exercise stage are fulfilled. Through contract management, the Council will also look to understand what additional Social Value and Sustainability outcomes suppliers can deliver, to that committed to prior to contact award, as well recording contributions to the economic,
social and environmental themes from suppliers that were not obliged to commit to delivering Social Value and Sustainability outcomes at the tender stage.

7.2 Major Development Project Planning Applications

7.2.1 Consideration

All major planning applications (as defined by the Town and Country Planning Act) will be asked to develop a Social Value and Sustainability action plan incorporating jobs, apprenticeships, skills, supply chain, community & school engagement and sustainability.

7.2.2 Consultation

A planning consultation will be attached to the planning application relating to a Social Value and Sustainability action plan. The developer/contractor must meet with the Economic Development Service (EDS) Social Value and Sustainability Officer to develop a plan and set targets/outcomes in relation to the project. The One Coventry approach enables the Council to talk & work with the right stakeholders, groups & residents, to ensure people’s opinions are heard and acted on.

7.2.3 Implementation

All major development projects must engage with the EDS Social Value and Sustainability action plan or the planning consultation will not be discharged against the planning application.

7.2.4 Evaluation

Developers/contractors are required to complete the EDS submission form detailing the measures and outcomes they plan to achieve in relation to Social Value and Sustainability on the major development site

7.2.5 Measurement / Demonstration

Developers/contractors must meet with Coventry City Council EDS service to demonstrate that action is being taken on the plan by liaising with identified stakeholders. Evidence of achievements against targets must be submitted quarterly for monitoring and reporting. Further information on the Economic Development Service can be viewed in our Economic Growth & Prosperity Strategy for Coventry 2018-2022

7.3. Council Partners

7.3.1 Anchor institutions are large, public sector organisations that are unlikely to relocate and have a significant stake in a geographical area. As an Anchor Institution, the Council is keen to work in partnership with others to improve the City and the lives of local people. The Council will work towards a shared set of Social Value and Sustainability principles with its Partners and Key Anchor Institutions within the City. By working in a One Coventry approach, together, we will:

  • Harness the combined influence of key partner organisations and scale up the impact of cross organisational activity in local communities;
  • Identify key links and work with Partners on specific initiatives that align with both the Council’s and the Partner’s individual Social Value and Sustainability outcomes.